Ensuring you get the non-emergency care you need

Obas Enterprise LLC knows the plight of many patients who need regular care from providers who are not exactly close to home. Difficult commutes, stress, and tight schedules often discourage many of them from attending many appointments, putting their health at risk.

We aim to change that. As a trusted provider of non-medical transportation, we offer 10 years of experience in driving patients to and from care facilities with ease. We coordinate with your family and care providers to ensure that you always get to your destination with no worries, getting the regular care you deserve to live to the fullest. Our trained crew assists you from the moment you step in to the moment you get off the vehicle.

We offer transportation to:

  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Outpatient facilities
  • Therapy centers
  • Dialysis facilities
  • Clinics

See for yourself and book your next ride with us. Dial 877-258-7267 to learn more.